Sunday, May 1, 2011

Growin' Up Feathersby

The Feathersby babies are growing up fast! This picture was taken when they were 2 days old (except Molly, who was just a day old)
 Squirmy, wormy babies!
 Three Days old:
Getting a little fluffier!
 5 days old:
Lookin' a bit less wormy, more birdish. Hubby could finally stand looking at them ;)
 And, alas, they have turned a week old today!
Arthur comes to feed them now, and a lot of the time, the babies are alone in the nest without Momma Molly.
I got a couple grainy (or dirty window-ed) pics of the hungry little mouthes ready for food when Daddy came with lunch!

 At last! Full tummies seed pouches and some quick shut eye before supper!
 Aren't they so sweet?
It makes me a little sad to think that they will probably leave home while we are away in Indiana for hubby's surgery. They are "due" to fledge on surgery DAY, in fact. I'm hoping that maybe my mom and the kids will get to see them fly!

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