Monday, April 11, 2011

Soccer Stars

Saturday brought nice, warm weather and another soccer game. Em played goalie for the first half.
(ulcers for mom, of course) ;)
 By the second half, she was ready to run.
 ...and throw.

 Ev brought his facorite ball, and played with his friend, Matthew, though it seemed that most of the time, they were running away from another little boy.

 Emma was in for a BIG suprise when she left the field at halftime. Her OSU soccer friend, Whitney, came to watch her play...again! (How cool is THAT?!)
Sadly, Whitney is graduating this year (snif snif) and I'm not sure what Emma will do without her.
Did you notice her jersey isn't purple anymore?
Well, that's because it's Whitney's! She autographed it and gave it to Em. Her real, actual OSU Soccer jersey!

Em was ecstatic! She wanted to take Whitney and her jersey to school for show & tell, but we compromised and told her she could take the jersey, but without Whitney inside, instead.
I know, I know, what meanies!
After soccer season ends, we will have both #11 jerseys mounted and framed together for her wall.
Thanks for coming, Whitney!! It means SO much to your #1 fan (okay, okay, fanS) every time her famous friend takes time out of her busy schedule to watch her play.
(And we'll be emailing photos!)
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