Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, and another thing...

A good friend of mine fell in love with our Easter attire, and ordered up a tee shirt for her daughter to wear after church on Sunday. Turned out pretty cute, don't ya think?
 I also sewed a couple basket liners for the kids. They're not perfect, but they look smashingly cute with their duds.
 Maria, Emma's newest AG doll got a matching dress as well. (And what a coincidence that her arm cast matches perfectly!)
 So, I forced asked my beautiful fam to bear with me and head out for pictures yesterday in the wind. I knew we weren't going to get any real good ones, but it was worth a try, and actually, if I do say so myself, we got a few decent ones.


 You have, of course, seen the new blog header, yes? Well, if you haven't you really should, but in case you decide not to, here are the new photos I used in it.

Our little fam ♥

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