Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just the Two of Us

There was no wind today. Well, it was below 10mph, which in Oklahoma basically means no wind.
After a quick errand, we headed to our favorite gardens and had a nature walk.
Atop the pirate ship, Capt. Evan spotted several birds, a few tractors, and some "peoples".
 Isn't he a doll?
 Ahoy, me hardees!
 We spotted some chickens, and they looked rather rough. Either someone was borrowing them for cock fighting, or mating season has begun and the feathers are flying. One even had NO tail feathers left! Ouch!
 Chicken with no tailfeathers and chicken with {some} tailfeathers left.

 Bob, the resident tractor driver came over to tell Evan that he needed to check out the deer that was eating not far away.
 We walked up and had a good watch. She was a cute white-tailed deer.
 However, there were more exciting things around...

 Have you ever seen a blue Evan? He lives in this gazing ball...
 We made a little music for the flowers (and the handful of master gardeners working nearby).
 And then we talked to each other back and forth in these modern-age-can-and-string-phones. :)

 Over the bridge to the pathway back to the car!

 One pit stop behind the trees for an emergency "I have to potty!" break , I mean, a look to see if we could find fish in the creek below.

 I didn't see any, but Evan said he saw some, along with turtles.
I guess it pays to bring along those binoculars ;)
 I had so much fun this morning, little boy. It's these mornings, that we walk hand in hand, just the two of us, exploring and fighting pirates, picking up feathers and peek-a-boo-ing from behind great trees that have lived longer than us both, that I am reminded once again, how much I love you.
And the short time I have to stay home with you before you ride the bus to school.
And the adventures that may stray from our minds, but never from our hearts.
And being your mom.
I love you SO much.

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  1. Uhh, where is this place? I've never seen that pirate ship before!

  2. It's at the botanical gardens. An Eagle Scout is building it for his project. It's not done (and won't be for another half year or so), but Evan LOVES it.


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