Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've been sewing again...

It actually didn't occur to me until this week that Easter was already next weekend! After a few moments of initial panic, I was okay. I had already planned Easter dinner this year down to the last side dish, how the table would be set, what was to go in the eggs, and the goodies that adorn the baskets are already securely hidden inside my closet-that-swallows-up-all-things. I'm a planner. And when things turn up last minute, I turn from planner to panic-er.
SO, with the new Easter-around-the-corner info I had rattling my brain, I realized that we hadn't any special Easter attire yet this year. With medical bills looming in the distnace, the most practical step for me was to (gulp) sew some.
I knew I wanted a damask pattern, and though my initial thought was to pair it with pink, I didn't want to lose the battle with the now equal in numbers males in the family, so went for a more neutral spring green.
 For Em, I made a simple "pillow case dress". It's cute, springy, and easy to do. I sewed up a matching hairbow and voila. Easter dress adorableistic.
For Ev, I applique'd a "tie" on one of his tees and stitched it with green zigzag thread.

Won't they look darling??
When I made Em's dress, I wasn't sure on the length, so I made it long, to be sure. In the end, I ended up cutting a fairly good size piece of it off the top. What to do with it?
Well, I added a few inches of green and fashioned myself a matching skirt, of course!

Hubby insists on passing on the applique'd bowtie I've threatened him with ;) so he'll be in black and white and looking stunning anyway. (And oh, yes, we WILL be singing the VonTrap Family songs as we skip down the street! Well, in my head, anyway)
Can you just not wait for our family photos??
I know! Me too!
But we must wait on these Oklahoma winds to calm down, and it's not looking good. Perhaps a family potrait with sideways hair could catch on....hmm...
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  1. Super cute! Could you whip some clothes up for me and my brood? My sewing machine is on the fritz... Oh, and get busy on some AG clothes!

  2. Ha ha! You sew SO much better than I do on my toy sewing machine!! ;)
    I have some AG clothes ready to sew - which means...I have plans, but no actions...


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