Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Chicks!

I had researched the incubation time of the little egglets, and figured that the eggs could start hatching on Easter! (Or so I thought), so when I returned home yesterday from my Dad's house, I took a quick peek inside the nest, and...
 Fred & George had hatched! Happy Hatchday, guys!!
(Easter babies!!! *squeal!*)

It's a cold and rainy day (again), so I had to wait and wait until Molly ventured off to grab a bite to eat before I ran out and checked on the twins today.
But lo and behold, little Ron had hatched overnight as well!
 Aren't they the cutest little ugly things you ever saw?!?
 I snapped the pics right on time! As soon as I climbed down, Molly and Arthur flew back into the nest and fed the three hungry babies.
Still waiting on baby Ginny to hatch...but I'm pretty sure she'll arrive today! :)
And that concludes your Feathersby Report for Monday, April 25th, 2011.
(Well, until Ginny arrives...then you might get a special broadcast!) ;)
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