Monday, April 11, 2011

The Feathersby Report

Molly Feathersby has been spending more and more time in her nest. And thank you, Feathersby family, for moving to the lot outside a window, so I can keep an eye on you easier!) 
 I thought for sure the eggs would show up anytime now. I have been researching all about it, and now, as a professional birdologist, I am ready for the eggs to be laid. (Ha!)
 I don't disturb the nest while the birds are around, so while I waited, I snapped a few shots of the soon-to-be baby Feathersby's neighborhood.
There's a friendly, good looking guy down the street, but he's probably a little too old for them...
 ...some really pretty tulips around the corner that might hold a yummy snack or two...
 A hairy, crazy, dishevelled old lady next door, I think she has like a thousand babies. I think we'll call her Momma Duggar...
 Some yummy pumpkin vines starting to crawl their way out...
 OH! Molly just left! Let's have a quick peek, shall we??
It's back inside I go.
I had to go and initiate some seniors into our sorority alumni group, and when I returned, the nest was still Molly-less.
I peeked in one last time, and...
Baby Feathersby #1 is awaiting incubation!
Update : Monday morning - There are now TWO little tiny speckled eggs in the nest, and Molly has been sitting on them all morning.
And where is that Arthur at? Shouldn't the soon-to-be-daddy be rubbing her feet or something?!? I mean, really! She's laid at least 2 eggs that are almost the size of her head!
(Now I'm putting on my smarty glasses and talking in a snooty voice as I say...)
The house finch normally lays 2-6 eggs.
SO, this could be it! Now I need to think of names... 
Ginny & Ron, perhaps?
And this concludes your Feathersby Report for Monday, April 11th...  
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