Thursday, April 21, 2011

CANcer Update

Well, this morning we headed up to see Dr. Morris and get the biopsy results. Now, this is a week late, mind you, and the reason was because they wanted a second opinion. When I found out that they had sent it to John Hopkins, I was a little alarmed, I mean, who sends something there unless they find a rare, never-been-seen-before cancer?!?! Anyway, a call from the doc assured us that it was just normal protocol for a "mixed cell" tumor. Uh huh. Yeah.
So anyway, he starts off telling us the GOOD NEWS! They didn't find that any of the cells had spread beyond the tumor. Hooray! Now, granted, he needs to have his blood work done again, and if his levels go down (which he is pretty positive they will), he will officially be at a stage ONE cancer. Very good news. For now, there is a 30% chance that the cancer will come back. 
For now, we have two treatment options. Option #1: Surveillance. This entails going to get blood work & CT scans done every 2-3 months for the next couple years, and tapering off to annually until 4-5 years, at which he will be deemed "cancer free". Option #2: Lymph node removal surgery. This will lower the chances of the cancer coming back from 30% to under 10%, but the risks associated are pretty yucky. It's a one time surgery, followed by yearly CT scans for the next 5 years. 
The BAD news: John and I are on opposite sides of the fence. We're going to arrange a consultation with OU Cancer to get more information from the mind of a surgeon who sees it everyday.

We cannot express how much it has meant to us to receive your blessings, prayers, letters, cards, meals, and monetary donations. We are truly blessed to have people that love us and will fight, not only for us, but with us, when the odds aren't always in favor. 
Please remember this battle, still, as you pray. We are getting closer, and it always makes the path shorter when you're travelling among loved ones...
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  1. I'm so glad I have you to walk down this path with me. I love you.

  2. That's wonderful news!!! My FIL had lots of lymph nodes removed just a few months ago (he had skin cancer and they removed nodes in his neck--can't remember how many but it was a lot). The surgery went really well and his recovery was quite fast. I know he and my MIL were concerned about the risks involved (not sure if they would be the same as John's since it's a different type of cancer in a different spot) but they are both really glad that they did it.

    Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

  3. This is wonderful news! I'm so glad for your husband, you and your children. Have a great weekend.

  4. Johnny:

    First of all, you will always be Johnny to me, not John! I think of your dad when I hear the name John Castro.

    Brooke and I are praying for you and your family. I do not know what to say at a time like this. Just hang in there and know that if God takes you to it, He will walk you through it!

    Next time you and your family are in the beautiful hills of Osage County, you better stop by. I will let you ride my Harley (if your wife will let you!)

    God Bless and God Speed


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