Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CANcer Update

(Big breath)
Well. Remember how I was all freaked out that hub's biopsy was sent off to Johns-Hopkins for a second look because I thought only serious case went there? Well, turns out I was right, our Dr. was a little bit wrong. Let me start at the beginning.
Soon after we got the great news about his biopsy, and we were faced with the choice of surveillance  or surgery, we sent the results to an expert in this field in Indiana. When he sent back an email stating that he highly suggested surgery because of our "special case", we were a little confused.
(And now I'll dumb this down a bit so I can explain, and you can understand, and we'll get along fine)
Hubs has a bit of rare cancer cells that are bad news. They are resistant to treatment. I can't remember their real name, but it sounds like "peanut cells". Basically, the only way to get rid of them is to take them out. If they spread to something you can't take out....well.....
SO, he ended up calling and discussing our case. Hubs needs a surgery asap, and it's very important that he get it done by an expert in this surgery. Enter Johns-Hopkins, Maryland, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Since we had built a trust with this doctor in Indiana, he referred us to a surgeon that had the most experience in this field, and then the ball began to roll. Slowly, mind you, but roll.
Our secondary insurance declined to pay this one, seeing as how he could get a similar surgery done here in-state, but since the hospital in Indiana is in network, we hope (cross your fingers) that they will cover a part of the expenses. Either way, we're going, and we'll get this operation, and we'll beat this cancer.
My mom is flying out and will stay here with the kids (both of the fleshy and the furry kinds), and hubs and I will make the 12 hour drive up there. We will leave on May 10th for the surgery on the 11th & 12th. It will be about a 2 night stay in the hospital before they release him to come home. We'll be taking the van so that on the way home, the seats will fold and the air mattress will rise, and he can lay down the whole way. (He always liked the fact that our van had wall plugs and red/white/yellow plugs for his PS3... now he'll get 12 hours to take full advantage!).
Two of our dear friends, Holly & Veronica, have begun organizing a donation drive to help raise funds for the surgeries. We normally hate to accept help, but there comes a time when you have to swallow your pride and say "okay", and there's no better time than now, I suppose. SO, soon, they will begin their crusade, and we'll be off to Indiana, and you all will be praying, and in the end, we'll all have fought this off TOGETHER.
Want to get ahead of the rush? Donate a dollar or two! I've added a button at the top right.
Thank you!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...and then there were FOUR...AGAIN!

Today welcomes the first day with no more eggs in the nest. Baby Ginny was hatched yesterday afternoon, and all night and morning Molly & Arthur have been flying in and out with yummy food for the little Feathersbys. They're away from the nest a bit more now that Molly isn't incubating, but I hope the blue jays don't catch on to the busy traffic in and out all day!

So sweet, don't you think? ♥
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Did you all have a wonderful weekend?!
We sure did here!
Friday we started with the dyeing on the eggs. Each einstein got a dozen eggs (minus a couple I broke...and ate...during the boiling).

 Evan's Eggs:
 Emm's eggs:
Saturday we had a soccer tournament ALL DAY, but I'll get to that later. Sunday morning, I woke up at around 3:30 because it was thundering and such, so the Easter bunny hid eggs and set out baskets and tripped over toys and stubbed her toe, but bright and early Sunday morning, around 6, (yes, the einsteins ALWAYS wake up at 6), there was an indoor egg hunt.

 ...and baskets from GramE...
 ...and baskets from Bailey...
 ...and then we loaded it all up (and what felt like my entire kitchen), and headed out to Grandad's house to cook and eat Easter supper.
Grandad wrestled with the einsteins until they were all pooped out. (well, until Grandad was pooped out).

 While I chopped potatoes, zucchini, and other yummies.
 The table was set for 12, but at the last minute, John's family bowed out and so it was just down to us!

 One of my bunny candlesticks broke on the way, so it had to wait until my brothers arrived with superglue :)
 With it pouring rain outside, the kids were well entertained by all their Easter treats.

 Can you see the big raindrops falling?!?
 The men were out watching it pour on the porch. (I'm so jealous! A wrap around porch in the thunderstorm??! MUST have!!!)
 This slime would prove to be the ultimate activity of the evening...
 Uncle Brock!
 Uncle Kurt helping Em conquer the zombies on the ipad.
 We were trying to see if the slime could reach the floor.
 After hours of that, Brock and I decided to play with these uber cute bunny hats.
And this is how it went:

 By the end of the day, we had one pooped out, sugar coma'd kiddo.

Happy Easter, everyone!
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Easter Chicks!

I had researched the incubation time of the little egglets, and figured that the eggs could start hatching on Easter! (Or so I thought), so when I returned home yesterday from my Dad's house, I took a quick peek inside the nest, and...
 Fred & George had hatched! Happy Hatchday, guys!!
(Easter babies!!! *squeal!*)

It's a cold and rainy day (again), so I had to wait and wait until Molly ventured off to grab a bite to eat before I ran out and checked on the twins today.
But lo and behold, little Ron had hatched overnight as well!
 Aren't they the cutest little ugly things you ever saw?!?
 I snapped the pics right on time! As soon as I climbed down, Molly and Arthur flew back into the nest and fed the three hungry babies.
Still waiting on baby Ginny to hatch...but I'm pretty sure she'll arrive today! :)
And that concludes your Feathersby Report for Monday, April 25th, 2011.
(Well, until Ginny arrives...then you might get a special broadcast!) ;)
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