Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, Spring Break is coming to an end and it seems to have sped by in the blink of an eye. (Sad face)
I signed Em up for a camp at the Oklahoma City Zoo on Wednesday morning. We had to be there at 9, so it was a pretty early morning for us all, since the drive alone is about an hour. On our way out of town, we picked up Ethan and Gavin.
Then...with 3 kids plugged into ipods and one plugged into a sippy cup, we were off!
 We made it there with 1 minute left on the clock and dropped the big kids off at camp, then the babies and I headed into the zoo, which had just opened, yet there was a pretty big line already.
 With the new elephant enclosure, the crowd went hurdling in that direction, while the 3 of us decided to explore the rest of the zoo, which was quiet and secluded.
 Little elephant ears!

 Which one of these elephants is the real one?? ;)
 Evan found the zoo train, and we just *had* to ride it. The three engineers let us watch the train safety checks and such, and then we boarded!
 Are we going now?!?
 Choo choooooooo!

 Later on, our friend, Theron arrived and we headed through the ocean of people to the new elephant exhibit.

 The exhibit is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. One of the elephants is due any day now (how exciting!) and that little calf will have such a wonderful home here!
Evan shared his mini marshmallows with this one-eyed squirrel.
 After the big kids got out of camp, we decided to go to Theron's house to play as opposed to making our way back through the now overflowing sea of people hoarding into the zoo.
Auntie Chelle let Evan blow bubbles. Lucky for him, it was really windy outside, so he had some nice help. ;)
 ...but catching bubbles was even more fun!

 and I got to play with my old friend, Olly.
It was a wonderful day, and both kids had a blast (and slept all the way home). I *highly* recommend you enrolling in the zoo camp, Emma said it was the best camp she'd ever been to (and she's a camp-pro!). But, I also recommend NOT going to the zoo on a Spring Break, unless you like stand-still traffic.
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  1. I looks like you had a lot of fun. We thought about going, but changed our minds. I'm glad too. I saw a picture in the paper and it looked really crowded! Thanks for going and posting pictures of the new exhibit fro me!


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