Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome, March!

March has arrived, and that means spring is that much closer to arriving (hooray!!)
The winds are a constant, no matter what the season is here in Oklahoma, and we were out flying kites to celebrate Girls Day (Hina Matsuri) in Japan.

 The kids were running around with binoculars yesterday after watching "Ant Bully", looking for ants.
 When they exclaimed that they had found one, I almost fainted. But then I saw the cute, pudgy red ant on the floor...
 In other March news...
We've got a virus here at Castro Academy.
There were no students today due to the illness.
 Poor Peanut doesn't do well with respiratory viruses and the like. Welcome back our trusty nebulizer into the daily (every 4 hours) grind.
 And that brings us up to today: March 4th.
My mom has a birthday today, I wish she were here to celebrate with! Birthdays were always special with my mom.
The morning was warm and foggy, so we decided to head outside for the morning and walk sister to the bus stop. Of course, budding journalist and photogropher Evan brought along a camera.
 On this episode of "Through Evan's Eyes"...what's creeping up in the gardens...
 Our stepping stones seem to have shrunk. His hand no longer fits into the prints.
 A strange (uber cute) creature crawls out of it's hiding hole in hopes of spring...
Pansies are growing HUGE! How the heck did they get the name "Pansies"?!? They just survived Snowmageddeon!!! 
 Daylillies are peeping out in Emma's garden!
 ...and also along the back fence. This is where I moved about 100 of them last was HARD work, and I'm SOOOOO glad to see them come back!
 Another sign of life in the garden (well, on the wall)...
Ah, well. They can't ALL be good, right?
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