Monday, March 14, 2011

A Trip down the Highway

This weekend, we headed down to the city to cash in on a free Build-A-Bear that was good until, well, today.

They both picked out speaker bears that you plug your iphone in to.
Emma also had a free accessory coupon that she ended up using not for herself, but to buy a messenger bag for Evan's bear. Isn't she the sweetest sister EVER?
Afterwards, we all met up with Uncle K for lunch. We got to tour his work.
Let's put the witness on the stand!
Looks to me like the judge was NOT happy about the witness running off the stand!
Within 5 minutes of getting back on the highway, Evan, Hubby, and Papa were all snoring away a chorus of rumbly bears.
Emma and I stayed up and dreamed about what we missed at the LEGO store that day.
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