Monday, March 7, 2011


In his wallet, my hubby carries a faded, distorted, curl-edged photo. It doesn't seem that long ago that the picture was taken of us at an amusement park together, but the wear of the picture reminds me how long it's been. It wasn't very long before that day that John & I had our first rendevous at a park while I took my dog, Jake, out for a run. Among other things, we discussed our birthdates. When we found out that we had the same one, I remember saying (jokingly), "{gasp!}We're going to get married one day!!". Little did either of us know back then, that soon, that very prediction would come true.
It would seem that our birthday would become just one of many, many special things that hubby and I share, but every year, on this day, I remember that day at the park, when I foretold our future together.
The wind in his dark, shiny hair, the way his Dr. Pepper eyes shone when the sun, setting behind me, hit them just right. The way he watched me intently as I spoke, like he had never seen a creature like me before, and was absorbing every little word I said.
I remember thinking how handsome he was, this beautiful, carefree young man standing beside me, and how easy it was to just be me.
So here we are, another year, another birthday together.
Sometimes I wonder if maybe, just maybe, we planned it this way. A roadmap in the stars we agreed upon before our descent to this life, that one day, these simple numbers would help us find our way back together on this vast Earth, and we would somehow, deep down, in our subconcious, know.
We were meant to be together.

Happy Birthday, Hubby dearest.
I love you!
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  1. Thank you. You've given me so much, but I have to say, seeing and reading our history through this blog is a blessed treasure. I remember that day, I remember those feelings, but never in my life could I capture more true than wit the words you've written. I love you. Here's to another day together. Not "year", but "day" because I truly do cherish every day that I get to spend with you. Happy Birthday punkin.


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