Monday, March 21, 2011

Springing Up!

It's official: Spring has arrived! Sunday was the first day of this ever-so-wonderful season, and to celebrate, I documented all the plants springing up around here, because I know you were curious...
Last fall, I left our various pumpkins, gourds, and squash out in the garden to eventually become compost. Turns out, they did. And some are even sprouting new baby vines.

 Usually, my sunburst coreopsis takes over the garden, even after I round-up the whole batch every summer's end. It looks like this year it has given way to my columbine, which is popping up EVERYWHERE!
 Emma's phlox have begun to rise - some are already over 7 inches tall!
 A few new canna lillies are poking their little sprouts out.
 My gorgeous ferns have made their appearance on the first official day of Spring!
 Every year, John gets me tulips for Valentine's Day, and I always plant them the following spring in the garden after they've wilted and are no longer bloomed. They usually don't return. (after all, tulpis don't like Oklahoma that well). BUT, I found these sprouting in the garage in a pot among my gardening supplies and hurredly planted them along with the 2011 tulip bulbs. Now, they are doing really well, and I can't be more excited to see them!!
Hey! Who's been munching on my tulips?!?!
OFF with their HEAD!!
 The hostas out back are stretching up into the warm sun...
...and there are many, many more to come.
perhaps I will have to post an "after" photo once summer arrives. You would be so suprised.
Will you remind me?
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