Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break!

Day One: Monday
A little bit of writing skills...
...a call from the living room saying "Mommy!! Yook! Evan did uh octpoohs!"
And, my goodness, it was!
The cutest octopus I had ever seen!
What a smart little artist you are, Mr. Evan!
Storytime at the library. Ethan's first time!
Evan's leprechaun puppet was an adorable Picasso...
...while Emma's was perfectly placed.
Can you believe that we had a private session today for almost half the storytime? I think a few people forgot the time change, because they didn't start showing up until half way through!
Post nap plans: Leprechaun Boxes, Snacks glore, and warm dinner for the tiny tummies!
Spring Break has begun!
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