Monday, March 7, 2011

Paging Drs. Castro!

This weekend, the kids & I went down to the Veterinary Medicine college for their annual open house. Although they (once AGAIN) didn't bring down the two-headed calf for display, they got to see a few other strange and interesting creatures. A bearded dragon, a skinned horse head (with really bad teeth), and a llama were among the list as well as fleas:
...and ticks...
Now, I have to say, I HAVE been biten (and smitten) by one of these adorable ticks:
In the lab, we got to see skeletons from several animals, including an elephant! My favorite was this trash can:
This snake xray looked like he had swallowed a couple poker chips, which Emma really enjoyed :)
It's Calypso!! Hee hee!
On to the facepainting and games!
Pink bumblebee!!
We caught a little bit of the dog agility show with Papa before we headed inside to the surgery room.
Prepping for surgery!

Anesthesia for Pinky (who also was her patient last year, for a torn nose!)
The younger Dr. Castro decided not to do surgery today, and left "Ruff Ruff" in the hands of his sister.

We said goodbye to the miniature ponies on the way out the door, and headed home for nap.
Another year of surgery come & gone.
What a wonderful job you have done, Dr. Emma!!
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