Thursday, March 24, 2011


Nest: (n.) a place of retreat, rest, or lodging: /'nest/
Remember my new spring ferns? There must be a couple birds like me that we just waiting for the first day of spring to begin springish things, because this pair decided to start hiding out in them.
Here's Mr. Arthur Feathersby, wondering if I can see him among the greenery:
 ...and here's Mrs. Feathersby, Molly.
 The pair had been flying in and out for days, and I finally realized that they weren't eating bugs out of the ferns, but carrying bits of straw and grass into it.
 You know what that means...
 Uh huh.
I had a hunch these two were nesting, and it was confirmed this morning when Evan and I went out to water. I lifted the fern down and peeked inside, and there was the starting edge of a little circled nest.
Can you believe we're going to have (squeal) babies?!?! On our PORCH!?! What a delightful suprise!!
My only problem now is to figure out how to water daily without disturbing them. For now, they stay away while we're outside, but what about when she's incubating?? I can't just stick my watering can in there and start watering, can I ?!?
I can just feel the excitement of these two sweet birds and the high end property they scored
(#2 Fern Lane)
 on the first day of spring, to build their love nest and hatch their tiny little baby eggs inside.
SO, shall I stop watering once the eggs arrive? I'd be willing to sacrifice a fern for the feathered family, but perhaps you have a suggestion?

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  1. Glad you are thrilled about this. We had some swallows build a nest on our front porch not once, but TWICE (one in spring, one in summer) and it about drove me batty what with all the mud spatters and then later, all the POOP! Yeah, just what you want visitors to encounter as they approach your front door. And ever try ringing a poop covered doorbell? Yeah, nasty. Anyway, I'd think you could still water while the eggs are incubating. The problem might come once the babies hatch. Then you might get attacked by mama bird. Are you an Alfred Hitchcock fan by any chance? :)

  2. Haha! That sounds terrible! Luckily, they are nesting over part of our porch that no one goes under or near, really. I may get attacked during watering, but, eh. It'll make a good story later on! ;D


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