Friday, March 4, 2011

Made in the USA

Goggles? Check.
Have you ever been to the Lowes "Build and Grow" programs on Saturday mornings? Emma has been building and growing for awhile now, but this past weekend, she decided to pass on the pull-back racer.
Pull back racer!?! MUST have it!!
So, I dressed Evan up and out we went!
Goggle strength check.
(Those have GOT to be hubby's genes...just sayin'...)
 Piecing the car body together.
 Adding the fin...
 Skipping the stickers, because, well, who wants stickers when you can just ZOOOOOOOOOMMMM!?!
This product has been quality inspected by number 002... 
 Gets along well with the sherriff...
You saw it here first, folks!
Evan's very first Build & Grow workshop was a success! 
Want to join us next time?
Reserve your spot HERE!
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