Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Goes On...

Among the not-so-cool news, life goes on for Emma and her new team, The Darth Purples! (I seriously have no idea how they came up with that, but it gives Ev a chance to wear his Vader shirt at every game, which he loves).
The forst two games this past weekend were BITTERLY cold! So cold, in fact, that I got a whole 5 photos from both games. My hands were numb, as were my toes! John started a fire when we got home so we could all defrost!
 Em is playing on a bit older level than she was supposed to, but she's keeping up like a champ!

 Coach seems to play her as a defender a lot, which she's really good at. Fun fact: her OSU friend, Whitney, was a defender as well AND had the same #11!
Darth Purples  1 win -1 loss
Way to go, Em!!
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