Thursday, March 31, 2011


As the news reported this morning that some milk in Oregon was found to have some radiation, I realized that I hadn't talked about the disasters in Japan. You two are probably too young to remember this later on, but it's a BIG deal right now.
On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit off the shore of Northern Japan. 
 Following that, there was a tsumani that came and swept people and buildings away. It reminded us of Evan's favorite movie, Ponyo.
Em drew this photo of the tsunami after we watched a video taken by a man in Japan.

Japan has several nuclear reactors that began to have problems. Workers worked around the clock to try to cool the cores to keep from having an explosion. Radioactivity was slowly being released into the air, and now people in Japan are in serious risk of eating and drinking products with radioactivity. I can't fathom what they are going through.
Our very good friends, the Okabe Family live in Tokyo, and they blogged about their own scary experiences with this disaster. (You'll have to run the translator if you cannot read Japanese). Our great uncle Yo likes in Fukushima, which is where the worst of the disasters have hit. We pray daily for the people of Japan, they have been through so much, and and still, very far from being out of the scary times. 
Our friends in California have gotten some rain with radiation in it as well, and it is so scary to think that this disaster is so big that it has reached us, so far away. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live there, trying to protect your family from so much.
Japan, we are praying for you!

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  1. PBS had a really good program on last night about the earthquake and the following disasters. It was even more sobering. I see the videos and pictures and cannot wrap my brain around it.

    When we returned to school from Spring break, I had all my kids read "The Big Wave" but Pearly S. Buck. It stimulated a lot of conversation about Japan.

  2. Thanks, Joan! I need to look for both of those medias! I have a hard time even keeping up with the latest on my own!


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