Monday, March 14, 2011


My goodness, has it been so long since I've blogged? You must have been getting withdrawls from the neverending photo parades, no?
There are so many things going on over here that I haven't quite made time to sit down and relax. And blog.
But, here we go...
Hubby got a booklight for his birthday from us. He's been on a search for many many weeks to find the perfect light for his nightly readings, but hadn't found one. (And I could probably write you a blog reviewing several!)
I ended up buying him one of the lights that mounts onto a frame of artwork to "showcase" it on the wall. As luck would have it, our headboard is a perfect size, and it works wonderfully!

Our very best friends threw us a suprise party that evening at Hideaway Pizza. (Although with my friends, there are never really any suprises, so it wasn't a HUGE shock!)
Anitra had this cute cake made for us.
One froggie with a big pink bow, and the other playing poker.
(And the frogs are, of course, my favorite little creatures).
For some reason, I only have a few snapshots from the party, taken among the chaos. Perhaps some of you other ladies have some better ones??
A view of the kids table and the men's table from my seat.
Make a wish!!
Happy Birthday to us!
And a big THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends!
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