Monday, March 7, 2011

33, ABC

I turn 33 years old in a matter of hours. It's true. And how far I've come from being that funny little squishy faced baby ready to make my mark on the world!
Tohonor this day, I thoguht about asking my mom to make a guest appearance on this blog and tell her grandchildren all about this day, 33 years ago, but that just might be a little too much to ask of someone - I mean, after all, it's been over (gulp) 3 DECADES ago! So instead, I've compiled the ABC's of 32 years of Heidi:

A: I no longer own an APPENDIX. It's gone to who knows where, just hopefully I'll never run into a Heidi clone one day stemming from an ill appendix found in a trash somewhere...freaky.

B: I count my BLESSINGS every. single. day. I am pretty darn blessed, if I do say so myslef...and I do...but you can only come to that conclusion if you start thinking about it - do it!!

C: I am COMPASSIONATE about many things. Bleach, Photography, Open windows, Open minds, quiet walks, loud colors, cutting the crust off my bread, never buying the box in the front, organizing, and taking trips, big or small, with my family.

D: My DOG, Harley is a pug. He is the only one I know talented enough to snore, snort, fart, and bark all at once. And it scares him. Yep. He turns to see who made the noise, and rushes to his momma. Sigh. Beware of Dog, right?

E: All my darling children bear the initials EMC. It's the name of my photography business and the initials on my heart. (Leave it up to an engineer to point out that our son is EMC squared...later to nicknamed "Einstein" by Grandad). Yes, our kids are collectively called the Little Einsteins.

F: My worst FEARS are: 1.Throwing up - I really, really, really think I am DYING when I throw up. I scream for help, I hypoventilate, I black out, I forget to's bad. And I think the fear comes from someone finding me dead, in a pool of stinky barf. Yuck. 2. June Bugs - Something is terribly wrong and scary about a bug that seems to not fear soemthing a kajillion times its' size, and then proceeds to entangle itself in your hair, thrash around slowly with its nasty legs all crazy in slow motion, entangling even more!! Argggg!!! 3. Herds of things alike. I know. Weird. But, any kind of group of alike things (swarms of bees, herd of wildebeast, gangs of all people from one race, ants, The Duggars, Tokyo....). It's too overwhelming. No. I cannot take it.

G: I have a sister named GRETCHEN. She is by far the best sister in the world, hands down. I miss her more than I will ever let be known, and I dream of us living close by each other someday. Secretly, I am hoping and praying that I get a niece or nephew or a few of each soon, since my baby is nearly 3, and we will not be able to have more :(. After all, Somebody has to fill the maternal instinct of baby-having, and it needs to be a cute, gorgeous little being that has a 100% chance coming from their genetics, I mean, sheesh! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous couple?!? Barf!

H: My favorite holiday is Halloween. It symbolizes (for me) the coming of fall, my favorite season, and the start of a new time. My favorite scent fills the air at all the stores and homes (Pumpkin spice!), and walks become so much fun when leaves suprise my children by falling on their heads or crunching under their feet.

I: I have a huuuuge IMAGINATION. It gets me in trouble sometimes. When Emma is taking longer than normal to get home, my imagination places her in mexico, sold into slavery within 5 minutes of arrival time. Sigh. I know. But, I also make the best pirate, the most evil of queens, and the best narrorator of childrens' books EVER!

J: My most prized posession is my hubby, JOHN. He gives me strength, courage, passion, and unconditional love. Together, we have overcome obstacles that have torn others apart like a dandilion in the strongest of winds. We're gonna make it, yes we will!

K: I used to love the group KRIS KROSS. My music taste has changed so much since I was young, that i really have no genre or sound to belong to. My favorite groups are Rascal Flatts, Spice Girls, and Guns N Roses (the slow ones). My favorite songs of all time are "Let it Be", "Yellow" and "November Rain".

L: My dad is LEFT HANDED. I often wonder if Evan is, too. It would be fine, you see, because I am always concious of where to place daddy that he won't elbow his neighbor at the table, to switch his cup to the left side of the plate, and keep the salt shaker away from him altogther - okay, well that has nothing to do with him being left handed, but, whatever. Evan will most likely be a rightie like the rest of us, just because I am prepared. It's the surest way to make sure something does NOT happen. Wishing for rain? Let me know, and I'll wash my car for you. It brings rain better than any raindance in history!

M: I am a MOM. The hardest, most rewarding job EVER. Be advised, Turbo Tax does NOT like this answer on your taxes. Psh. Feminist.

N: I absolutely LOVE NOODLES. Plain, cooked noodles, right out of the strainer. Especially the corkscrew ones. Sometimes, we have so much sauce left over because I've eaten so many noodles before dinner! Oops.

O: ONE day, I want to: Go to the Parthenon, the collesium, and the great wall. I want to fish in Alaska, See ghosts in Virginia, and Dance in the streets of the deep south. I want to watch my children become parents, become successful, and remain happy throughout life. I want to become the rubberband man on the staples commercials that pushes the supply cart up and down the isles of corporate buldings. I want to kiss the blarney stone, attend mass at the church of the unborns, and I want to look into the eyes of God, just to see what color they are. I want to hug my Grandma and Granpa Ebe for 5 minutes straight, and tell them how much i miss them, and I want to hold my darling baby Eli for all eternity once I head home.

P: I believe in PAST LIVES. I really do.

Q: I wish the USA had a QUEEN, and it would be ME! I'm quite the good dictator, I am! If I can run THIS household, I can run the country! Watch out Kate Gosselin! I'm runnin' this ship!! ;)

R: When I was younger, I wanted to be RICH. Now, I'm older, and I still want to be rich. But, we were once blessed with large paychecks and no family close by, and we found that small checks and big hugs are worth more.

S: This week, all I can think of is SNOT. Stupid colds. Stupid allergies. Stupid parents that bring their kids to storytime and gym and walmart darn well knowing they have contagious, sick, coughing-without-covering-mouths kids.

T: TIME spent with my family is #1 on my list. I'll blink, and our children are grown and off to college and I won't be sad, because I have taken EVERY moment spent with them and treasured it, and made it my best. If I died today, I'd die leaving behind me a fulfilled life to be proud of.

U: I may not always UNDERSTAND, but I always try. I leave my mind wide open to your thoughts and views and reasons, and though I may think them a little strange, i don't judge you for them. Who am I to say what's right or wrong to believe? And on that note, who are you to say, either?

V: VOLDEMORT. It always comes to mind for a Harry Potter fanatic like me. What can I say?  I wanna be a wizard!!

W: I am a chronic WORRIER when it comes to my children. Everyone and everything else, Im fine with. But the kiddos? WORRY WART. Hands down. Did you know I have NEVER hired a sitter for them? Seriously. Just very, very close family members and friends. It's true. Sad - but true.

X: I am obsessed with germs. I know it doesn't start with an X, but GERM-X does, and it is a constant companion alongside my iphone and son. All day, everyday. Someday you just *might* see me on "My Strange Addiction"...

Y: I never liked the saying "YOUTH is wasted on the young". I disagree. I just think it'd be nice if they could transfer it to us old fogies, too. Kinda like a timeshare... But if my toddler just sat around all day watching the Huckabee report, I'd probably be depressed, uber overweight, and a parent of one child. Youth gives life meaning, excitement, and wonder! (But ask me again in another few birthdays, right?)

Z: Doesn't this letter always mean the END? I actually like endings, so long as they're happy, and usually, they are. (Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!)

So, happy anniversary to my parents on their first day as parents of a daughter to dote upon, and a big thank you to me, myself, and I for being yet unperfect, for another year, so that I may continue my lessons here on earth and not go Home yet with my angelic cap and gown. :)
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  1. Happy birthday! I love the ABC list. =)

    I too miss my sisters and wish we could live closer. Also, I miss bleach. Ever since we moved to a house with an aerobic septic, I've had to drastically reduce my bleach use.

  2. Happy Birthday! I miss you too! Come visit us in Alaska soon to fish! The summers here are AMAZING! Also for fears - you forgot to write clowns! Lol! And don't wish too hard about having a niece/nephew from us... We went up north to the hot springs for Valentine's weekend and were excited to catch a glimpse of the northern lights... When I came back to work, everyone told me that seeing them is a good omen (or superstition) to get pregnant!!! But alas, it's been a month, and aunt flo has arrived :) Lol!


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