Monday, February 28, 2011

The world through Evan's Eyes...

Both my kids love to take pictures. I have no idea why.
Usually, when I decide to dump Evan's memory card, I have a whoooooooole bunch of pictures of me. And, may I say, they aren't always the best pictures of me...just sayin'...
But they usually look something like these:

 Oh yes, there, is no "not right now!" photo opps. If you're in your undies gettin' dressed, don't be suprised..

 So, for a (nice) change, I let him take the camera on our walk this morning. (After all, you can only take so much of seeing uber close ups of your wrinkles, which seem to multiply after each frame!!)We've been cooped up all weekend with a cold, so a little cool brisk air might just do us a little good.
I tightened the strap to his little wrist and set him free on his photographic journey...

{Now entering the Evan Castro Photography show...all photos copyright 2011} ;)

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  1. How wonderful for the opportunity to see the world from Evan's perspective! Images of things that are of interest to him (cars, dogs, mom, and friend) and things that he sees more clearly than we who are so much higher from the ground (leaves on the ground, cracks in the sidewalk). They are beautiful and tell so much about Evan. I could not have given such opportunity to Heidi & sibs in the era before digital cameras. Thank you, Evan!

  2. My personal favorite was the blurry shadow. Very artistic. :)


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