Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Stuff Least Expected

March 2, 2007
Everyone knows the brain is a powerful thing. Under hypnosis, if you're told a lighter is being touched to your arm, and someone touches you with their finger, your body actually makes a burn mark. Everything your brain believe. It's like your dad...only squishy, pink, and in your head. It's very important to remember that.

You've experienced it.

We all have.

Expecting something, and getting something else.

Just, for most people, it's simple. You expect to sip Coke in your straw, and you get Dr. pepper. A rude awakening, but, nonetheless, aside from a small shock and a puckered face, you have little to no side effects.

But, for me. It's always been a little different. It started when I was about 12. I remember that night. I have always been the one that left cups of milk everywhere and forgot about them until they had made a nice stinky cheese patty with yellowish liquid on top. Still do that. Darnit.

That night, I sat up in bed to drink my nice new glass of fresh, cold, milk. As I gulped a nice big chug of that yummy goodness, my tounge curled up on the top of my mouth like a cat over a tub of water. My little punching bag thing in my mouth was quivering, and the taste in my mouth that night was undescribable. Needless to say, I later pushed aside my old milk cups (God forbid I take them to the sink) so I wouldn't confuse them EVER again.

That was the earliest time I remember.

Since then, my loving sister played into that role. One night she snuck out to the kitchen and got us both some chocolate chips. As we ate them in the dark, I thought how nice she was to me even though just hours earlier I had beat her with a bubblegum wrapper chain.

To make a long story short, one very veggie tasting chocolate chip turned out to be a gift from my bunny rabbit, thanks to my sister, the a$$.

I've always hated the unexpected.

The most recent happened today. I was browsing real estate online and munching on jelly bellys. Ah, my sweet little munchkin had no idea mommy had taken her jelly beans from her pan on the play stove. Bwah ha ha.

Mmmm..cherry....mmmmmm...tutti fruity....the list goes on & on. The sweet juicy flavors were addictive.

Bean after bean went in my mouth. The next one I took was thrown in like its predecessors. I was expecting a sweet grape or daquri or something to that kind, but insted, it was strange. What fruit was this?!?! My brain couldn't figure it out! It was expecting a fruit! And it couldn't think! It was like temporary mental challenged had set in! I had horrible thoughts of rotten cheesy milk, rabbit poop, and beetles! Ity was so horrible! The nasty little thing!



spit out.

It was a rasinette. My favorite candy. WHY didn't I taste that?!
 Like I said.
The brain is a powerful thing. And mine, just wasn't working.

I'm done with jelly beans now. I'm returning the little pan to the little stove of her little kitchen. Maybe she DOES have a little Auntie in her after all...

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  1. I love the way you wrote this post. =)

    I fed my brother dogfood once. I was terribly mean.


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