Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowpacalypse 2.0

The sun came out just long enough to help me clear the driveway before Jack Frost brought back his fierce footprint on our city once again. We awoke to cancelled school and almost a foot of fresh powdery snow on everything!

From inside, we watched as the sub-zero winds blew the snow around like glitter in a waterglobe. 
Hubby brought me these gorgeous tulips when he returned home from the store the night before. They were the last pink ones, and are *perfect* for keeping our hope up for that early Spring Puxatawney Phil  had promised!
 We ventured out that evening after dinner to scrape the new snow off the driveway. Evan discovered that icicles can be yummied upon :)
 Hubs hard at work bulldozing the driveway (after plowing our neighbor's driveway as well!)
 Emma had found a big batch of icicles!
 They were hanging off our neighbor's truck!
 My snowhubby!
 Helping out daddy (well, helping make more work for Daddy - he was scooping snow back onto the drive!)
 Happy Snowpocalypse, 2011!

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