Friday, February 11, 2011

My heart soars

We ventured out into the snow today - well, mostly because Emma was back at school and I had been craving my chai latte from Aspen, but also because it was storytime today, and Evan had missed his weekly visit with the anoles and doves that reside there.
 Today's theme was "Valentine's Day", and Ms. Gayla brought everyone sparkly red heart cookies! Yum!
 The craft was a silly heart creature with the bungee arms and legs - you know what I'm talking about - we all made them in school every year since we were toddling around in preschool.
 However, it's a lot better for imagination and creativity to venture out on your own, and so I gave Ev free reign of his project.
A little glue here...a little there....
 Some pretty colors mixed in...
 ...a little signature on the side...
...and it was the sweetest, most creative and beautiful Valentine he has ever given me (and that's not ONLY because it's the first...but it helps :)
I love you, Baby Evan.
Thank you for the Valentine.
I love it, and it means so much to me that those little hands glued and colored and pressed all these pieces together in just the way that looks so beautiful and perfect.
You are, indeed, my handsome Prince Charming.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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