Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Today marks the new year of the Chinese calendar, starting 2011 - the year of the rabbit!
 Check out these little rabbits! Aren't they the cutest??
 We've re-hung our chinese lanterns that we made earlier this year - although they got a little wrinkled and smashed during the kitchen remodel ;)
 Evan got to color a rabbit for the occassion. R is for Rrrrrrrabbit!
 While Em colored her dragon dancers (and did a little multiplication and grouping using the dancers' legs).
Hey, she's been out of school for 3 days now! I had to give her brain a little jump start!
Want to know more about our Chinese signs (and yours, too?) Check out our old post HERE!
Happy New Year!
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  1. You are such a good mommy!! This made me laugh because my son always says, "shh, I'm going wabbit huntin'" stay safe and warm.


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