Thursday, February 24, 2011


Are you a Harry Potter fan? I'm not sure if I had mentioned it or not, but I'm a pretty big, freakin' fan. The books were absolutely amazing. I can remember being so anxious for, especially, book 4, to be released. After I would finish them, I'd almost feel bored with regular life. (Can you believe it?) Well, yes, it was before I had wee ones to keep life going so fast that I didn't even notice life going on about without me, but, whatever.
When the movies were starting to be filmed, I wondered how they could make it anywhere close to the books. (I mean, after all, you just can't beat the imagination of Heidi - that's just impossible..). ;)
What would Hogwarts look like? The whomping willow? Hogsmeade? So many questions! One thing is for sure, though. I was completely worried that the enchanted ceiling wouldn't be in the movies, or it would be, but not as enchanted, or whatever other horrible thing they could dream up to ruin the magic as they usually do when converting books to screen.
Happily, the enchanted ceiling was made absolutely perfect, though I, personally, could have sat through an entire 2 hour movie just watching the ceiling change (and can you imagine, had Hogwarts been in Oklahoma?? Good greif, the magic would expire from having to constantly hange with the crazy weather!)
Anyway, the whole point of this blog post was to actually ask you if you had a google homepage. (What??) I know.
I do, and I have this cute little bus stop theme on my email that reflects the weather here. It was never that grand or impressive of a thing, really. But this morning, the rains were absolutely POURING down from the skies and there were my little bus stop creatures, hiding under umbrellas and coats, looking absolutely miserable in their own, enchanted cyberspace sky. It made me feel like I had a little bit of Wizarding World right here in my lap (and let's face it, after the books ended, that's harder and harder to come by!).
Seriously, you should try it! Although, the rains have ended now, and the creatures have removed their raingear and replaced it with light jackets and such. Does their bus ever even show up??...
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