Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The weather is SOOOOO nice today! I never thought I had that crazy "seasonal affective disorder", but I'm thinking that maybe I do! Although it could be just "wind in the house" disorder, since I get to this complete joyous high as soon as the windows open, fresh air rushes through the house, and out the back door. Like it blows all the grumpies (and germs!) away!
Emma's roses are feeling the same way. :)
They LOVE the sunshine!

 My tulips are starting to go downhill (waaaah!), but I love them still!!
This morning on the news, they said snow was still coming back in March. Hmm.
Well, my irises in the back are starting to come up, and these little guys in the front garden have peeked out their little sprouts to see what's about. Do you think they're daffodils? Buttercups?
If I told you that I was sitting in the most beautiful kitchen, with pale sage curtains blowing in the crisp, clean breeze across my face and through my hair, you'd be jealous.
So I won't tell you.
But that's exactly what I'm doing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be almost 80 degrees! Oh my GOODNESS how I am longing to feel that warmth on my tired-of-winter body, aren't you??

It's perfect weather, by the way, for buying Girl Scout Cookies.
And in case you need some,
you just might want to order some from the cutest little Brownie Scout I've ever seen...
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  1. So glad the weather is beautiful out east! We had rain last night, cleared up this morning, but more rain expected this week. Hope the balmy weather prevails for you throughout the next week too! :)


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