Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Eight years ago today, this photo was taken in a hospital room not too far from here in miles, but far away in time.
We were brand spankin' new parents, and the most proud ones I've still ever come to know. God had given us this sweet little angel, and she had big responsibilities to fill down here that none of us really ever expected. 
That was a cold day. An ice storm had covered the city in a thick blanket of ice and snow. Roads and schools were closed. Businesses that were open were not receiving any visitors, even the hospital was quieter, peaceful. But here she was, our sweet little girl, as strong as the Oklahoma winds, but as beautiful as the glistening snow and icicles that clung to every tree and branch in town. She was a gift. A very special one.
She taught us how to be parents, how to love unconditionally, how to discipline with love, but firmness. To hold tight every minute of the day, and to let go the worries and shoulda-wouldas. 
When her little brother passed away, she, at the age of 3, was the reason that I got up in the mornings. That I remembered that life goes on without you, even if you fall. There's a little hand that may be only 3 inches tall, but it lifts you higher than anything else in this world, when it's pressed tightly into yours, and it's going to wait for you to get out of bed, to get up,
to live.
This special gift has now turned eight.
It doesn't seem right.
I hold degrees on early childhood education and childhood development, and, let me tell you, "early childhood" ENDS at 9!!
This is it. My last year of training!!
I'm going into uncharted territory next year! And I'm a little nervous!
But not too much.
She's, overall, a really well behaved and well mannered child. Of course, she has her moments, but in the end?
Easy peasy.
 Saturday night, grandad and a couple uncles came by for dinner, and we had a small pre-party, complete with a giant cookie cake that Emma insisted we needed.
("Who doesn't LOVE cookie cakes??")
 Here we all are!
 I guess I had never really noticed just how outnumbered us gals are when the family gets together...Hmmm...
GramE had sent a couple gifts that luckily arrived that morning!
It was a pair of matching pajamas for her and her doll.
Just look at the expression on her face!

 Uncle Brock got her some doll furniture she had been oogling for weeks now, complete with a fishtank!
 Grandad found a couple comic books for her, which she LOVES to read at bedtime, and a little addition to her trust fund college savings account. 
 Finally, the last present of the day...

 The doll she had been waiting for - Kanani!
She even let Evan open up the book that came along with it.
 Bedtime came all too soon for her, as she could have played with her doll until the sun came up, but she had a big day planned the next morning! The tea party!!
 We were going to make big, fancy, tea hats!

 Aren't they darling??

 The rest of the planned games were out the window when Emma decided to judge a fashion show...and her guests were thrilled to participate!
 We also got to watch her own version of "American Idol", in which the contestants sang Happy Birthday to Emma. :)
 Meanwhile, we were setting up for the birthday tea!
Kanani looks so cute in her matching birthday attire :)
 What's a tea party without jewels?!?
The dolls' table was set and ready as well! 

 Time to decorate the cupcakes!!

 Birthday Mouth!!

 Birthday Nose!!

 Fabulous, fabulous girls!
 Crazy, silly girls!
 Sweet, darling girls!
 Now, out, out you go!
I need to clean up this crazy mess of sugar and spice, and CUPCAKE SPRINKLES!!

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.
I hope you had the time of your life.
Cheers to another year of fun, love, and life.
We love you!

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  1. Beautiful post. You are the reason we these amazing children. Thank you.

  2. Ummm, were you and John like 14 when you had her?!?

    Her little newborn face looks just like her 8-year old face (just a bit smaller). What a precious baby! And Morgan had a blast at the party! (:

  3. Great Post! Happy Birthday Emma!

  4. What a lovely birthday party! I wish I could come! Happy Birthday, Emma!!


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