Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Today set a record in our city as the lowest temperature on record!! Yikes! It was below twenty-something (I couldn't hear - remember, my kids are home from school today!). Can you believe that?? Yikes!
So, from inside our warm toasty home, I finally got Emma's birthday invites made. Originally, we were planning on a trip to Dallas to visit the American Girl Place, but with the gas prices rising, we decided it just wasn't going to work this year. SO, she gets to choose 8 girls and have a tea party instead. (Which has been a BIG challenge for her to narrow it down!)
 Can you believe how cute she is?! And get this: I MADE these outfits for them! 
Uh huh. I made them. Myself.
(Beaming with pride)
 So, although the invitations are done and ready to go, they have yet to be addressed. It's just too hard to pick which 8 friends get the golden tickets. :)
With the amount of money we are saving by NOT driving down to Dallas and eating at the Bistro, we have ordered her the doll she has been begging for - Kanani.
She's cute, isn't she? This will be her first non-hand-me-down doll, which will be exciting for her, because the hair will be soft and new - something she is constantly trying to do to her current doll. 
It's been 8 years since I was pregnant for the first time, anxiously wondering when my little bundle of joy would enter this world. And I can't believe it.
It just can't be!
snif snif :(
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  1. Look at you, Crafty Mama! Where did you find the doll shirt? I think I need one.

  2. We already had it, but I did come across a lady that sells doll shirts for $5 each (plain) on etsy...
    By the way, the golden tickets went out in today's mail, and I do believe Morgan had best be checking the mail...LOL

  3. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl. Great job on the outfits. I saw in some show that the American Girl company will do any repairs on the dolls? Alot of them involve hair and removing pen marks on the doll.

  4. It will be a wonderful birthday for Emma. I really remember our daughters' 2nd birthday party.


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