Monday, February 28, 2011

The world through Evan's Eyes...

Both my kids love to take pictures. I have no idea why.
Usually, when I decide to dump Evan's memory card, I have a whoooooooole bunch of pictures of me. And, may I say, they aren't always the best pictures of me...just sayin'...
But they usually look something like these:

 Oh yes, there, is no "not right now!" photo opps. If you're in your undies gettin' dressed, don't be suprised..

 So, for a (nice) change, I let him take the camera on our walk this morning. (After all, you can only take so much of seeing uber close ups of your wrinkles, which seem to multiply after each frame!!)We've been cooped up all weekend with a cold, so a little cool brisk air might just do us a little good.
I tightened the strap to his little wrist and set him free on his photographic journey...

{Now entering the Evan Castro Photography show...all photos copyright 2011} ;)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Stuff Least Expected

March 2, 2007
Everyone knows the brain is a powerful thing. Under hypnosis, if you're told a lighter is being touched to your arm, and someone touches you with their finger, your body actually makes a burn mark. Everything your brain believe. It's like your dad...only squishy, pink, and in your head. It's very important to remember that.

You've experienced it.

We all have.

Expecting something, and getting something else.

Just, for most people, it's simple. You expect to sip Coke in your straw, and you get Dr. pepper. A rude awakening, but, nonetheless, aside from a small shock and a puckered face, you have little to no side effects.

But, for me. It's always been a little different. It started when I was about 12. I remember that night. I have always been the one that left cups of milk everywhere and forgot about them until they had made a nice stinky cheese patty with yellowish liquid on top. Still do that. Darnit.

That night, I sat up in bed to drink my nice new glass of fresh, cold, milk. As I gulped a nice big chug of that yummy goodness, my tounge curled up on the top of my mouth like a cat over a tub of water. My little punching bag thing in my mouth was quivering, and the taste in my mouth that night was undescribable. Needless to say, I later pushed aside my old milk cups (God forbid I take them to the sink) so I wouldn't confuse them EVER again.

That was the earliest time I remember.

Since then, my loving sister played into that role. One night she snuck out to the kitchen and got us both some chocolate chips. As we ate them in the dark, I thought how nice she was to me even though just hours earlier I had beat her with a bubblegum wrapper chain.

To make a long story short, one very veggie tasting chocolate chip turned out to be a gift from my bunny rabbit, thanks to my sister, the a$$.

I've always hated the unexpected.

The most recent happened today. I was browsing real estate online and munching on jelly bellys. Ah, my sweet little munchkin had no idea mommy had taken her jelly beans from her pan on the play stove. Bwah ha ha.

Mmmm..cherry....mmmmmm...tutti fruity....the list goes on & on. The sweet juicy flavors were addictive.

Bean after bean went in my mouth. The next one I took was thrown in like its predecessors. I was expecting a sweet grape or daquri or something to that kind, but insted, it was strange. What fruit was this?!?! My brain couldn't figure it out! It was expecting a fruit! And it couldn't think! It was like temporary mental challenged had set in! I had horrible thoughts of rotten cheesy milk, rabbit poop, and beetles! Ity was so horrible! The nasty little thing!



spit out.

It was a rasinette. My favorite candy. WHY didn't I taste that?!
 Like I said.
The brain is a powerful thing. And mine, just wasn't working.

I'm done with jelly beans now. I'm returning the little pan to the little stove of her little kitchen. Maybe she DOES have a little Auntie in her after all...

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Are you a Harry Potter fan? I'm not sure if I had mentioned it or not, but I'm a pretty big, freakin' fan. The books were absolutely amazing. I can remember being so anxious for, especially, book 4, to be released. After I would finish them, I'd almost feel bored with regular life. (Can you believe it?) Well, yes, it was before I had wee ones to keep life going so fast that I didn't even notice life going on about without me, but, whatever.
When the movies were starting to be filmed, I wondered how they could make it anywhere close to the books. (I mean, after all, you just can't beat the imagination of Heidi - that's just impossible..). ;)
What would Hogwarts look like? The whomping willow? Hogsmeade? So many questions! One thing is for sure, though. I was completely worried that the enchanted ceiling wouldn't be in the movies, or it would be, but not as enchanted, or whatever other horrible thing they could dream up to ruin the magic as they usually do when converting books to screen.
Happily, the enchanted ceiling was made absolutely perfect, though I, personally, could have sat through an entire 2 hour movie just watching the ceiling change (and can you imagine, had Hogwarts been in Oklahoma?? Good greif, the magic would expire from having to constantly hange with the crazy weather!)
Anyway, the whole point of this blog post was to actually ask you if you had a google homepage. (What??) I know.
I do, and I have this cute little bus stop theme on my email that reflects the weather here. It was never that grand or impressive of a thing, really. But this morning, the rains were absolutely POURING down from the skies and there were my little bus stop creatures, hiding under umbrellas and coats, looking absolutely miserable in their own, enchanted cyberspace sky. It made me feel like I had a little bit of Wizarding World right here in my lap (and let's face it, after the books ended, that's harder and harder to come by!).
Seriously, you should try it! Although, the rains have ended now, and the creatures have removed their raingear and replaced it with light jackets and such. Does their bus ever even show up??...
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Award Banquet!

 State Championship Trophy!
 Stillwater Shockers!
 Our little darling, Emma at the awards banquet :)
 Her friend, Antonio
 Head Coach, Tina Dicks, who will be leaving us next week for the Peace Corps. We will miss you!!
 Coach Evan, who will be taking her place
 Congrats, girls!!
Emma has decided (again) to leave the swim team this season. I guess we will see if she keeps her mind made this time...though she was pretty upset about missing soccer this year.
Either way, we are SO proud of you, Emma!
You have come so far, so fast...
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Drugs & Bugs


Current mood: distressed
So. There was a sick child in my house. She is constantly drugged with Tylenol every 4-6 hours.
I put the tylenol on top of my computer hutch. 30 minutes later, there was an attack.
Now, I have to go back to give you some background info. We suscribe to Clark pest control. That means, that every other month, a Clark pest control guy with pit stains and a 7 o'clock shadow comes to our home and sprays crap everywhere outside so that no bugs - no ants, flies, spiders, fleas, NOTHING, is on our property. It's awesome. Harley doesn't even need his Advantage anymore. And if we see a bug...we call the pit stain, and he comes out and sprays again. We don't see bugs here. Its a bug ghost town.
So, now, back to the story. Like I said, I put the tylenol on top of the computer hutch. About 30 minutes later, I returned to make sure the baby was okay. That's when I saw it. Black tylenol. It was like if you left a banana out and you know how it turns all back? Well, the rim of the tylenol lid was black. I was confused. I came closer. I froze in terror. It was ANTS! They had attacked the tylenol!
Where TF did they come from?!?! And pit stain had just come a week before! There was no way! I (still frozen) screamed! I didn't know what to do!
Here I was in my bug proof home and there are zillions of drugged ants running around the top of my computer hutch and banging into each other! Funny as it was, I still couldn't move. By now, Emma was poking me, wondering what the heck was wrong with me. I was still screaming. She called her dad..."Daddy *sigh* -  Mommy's freaking out again (insert eye roll here)". John came in and squished them all. I couldn't get a wink of sleep that night. Oh, the nightmares of drunken ants I couldn't even describe! It shivers me timbers.
Pit stain was here again. He couldn't find any intruders. I made him spray in & outside the house this time. I left tylenol out again as a test....
No ants yet...

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogs of the Past: January 2007

This is an excerpt of my old blog. I've dusted the cover off and unwrapped the past...these are favorites by many, but especially my friend, Mike, who spit coffee onto his work several times reading them, years ago...

Oh! My eye!!!

This morning, I was REALLY tired, I guess, because when I went in the bathroom to put in my contacts, I forgot what I was doing and tried to TAKE OUT my contacts, so I was like SCRAPING my naked eye with my fingernails trying to pinch the lens of my eye! And whats sad is that I did it several times before I realized that my contacts were sittingin front of me on the counter in their little case, and my eyeballs were like sweltering red! I look like I smoked a doobie at 7 am!!!! Argg.

Pulling Teeth!

So, I think I already told you that I woke up at 5 today because something came falling out of John's closet? So, for this next story, you'll have to know, I was very tired, which leads to easy panic for me.
I was flossing my teeth this morning with those little flosser things.
then, as I am flossing the very back molars, I try to pull it out and it's stuck. 
not normal. 
I am pulling, but I can just FEEL the roots pulling out of my gums! By now, panic has set in. John has already left for work, so I am whining alone in my bathroom. Then, from all the pulling, I'm making my mouth bleed. I need a drink. Bad. Problem? I cant close my mouth because theres a huge green flosser in my mouth! Im crying now. I can see the paramendics coming in to find a woman in her bathroom, who died of blood loss from flossing and getting it stuck. Not a pretty sight. What if my picture showed up on All those "abnormal" death pics seem to find their way there...I dont want to be included with the guy who had a heart attack on the crapper wearing heels. I decide to cut the flosser off the floss with scissors. I can just leave the floss part in the teeth, and let it just live there, like when you leave a string around a tree, and eventually it grows over it? Except, my teeth arent growing, but who cares.
Im running to the kitchen, crying, hyperventillating, and whining, to get the scissors.
I stub my toe.
I scream the word "sh*t"
When I close my mouth, the leverage of the flosser on my other side of teeth pops the damn thing out. I stand shocked, looking around for my molar.
Its not anywhere.
I realize then, that its in my mouth still. Thank God!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Eight years ago today, this photo was taken in a hospital room not too far from here in miles, but far away in time.
We were brand spankin' new parents, and the most proud ones I've still ever come to know. God had given us this sweet little angel, and she had big responsibilities to fill down here that none of us really ever expected. 
That was a cold day. An ice storm had covered the city in a thick blanket of ice and snow. Roads and schools were closed. Businesses that were open were not receiving any visitors, even the hospital was quieter, peaceful. But here she was, our sweet little girl, as strong as the Oklahoma winds, but as beautiful as the glistening snow and icicles that clung to every tree and branch in town. She was a gift. A very special one.
She taught us how to be parents, how to love unconditionally, how to discipline with love, but firmness. To hold tight every minute of the day, and to let go the worries and shoulda-wouldas. 
When her little brother passed away, she, at the age of 3, was the reason that I got up in the mornings. That I remembered that life goes on without you, even if you fall. There's a little hand that may be only 3 inches tall, but it lifts you higher than anything else in this world, when it's pressed tightly into yours, and it's going to wait for you to get out of bed, to get up,
to live.
This special gift has now turned eight.
It doesn't seem right.
I hold degrees on early childhood education and childhood development, and, let me tell you, "early childhood" ENDS at 9!!
This is it. My last year of training!!
I'm going into uncharted territory next year! And I'm a little nervous!
But not too much.
She's, overall, a really well behaved and well mannered child. Of course, she has her moments, but in the end?
Easy peasy.
 Saturday night, grandad and a couple uncles came by for dinner, and we had a small pre-party, complete with a giant cookie cake that Emma insisted we needed.
("Who doesn't LOVE cookie cakes??")
 Here we all are!
 I guess I had never really noticed just how outnumbered us gals are when the family gets together...Hmmm...
GramE had sent a couple gifts that luckily arrived that morning!
It was a pair of matching pajamas for her and her doll.
Just look at the expression on her face!

 Uncle Brock got her some doll furniture she had been oogling for weeks now, complete with a fishtank!
 Grandad found a couple comic books for her, which she LOVES to read at bedtime, and a little addition to her trust fund college savings account. 
 Finally, the last present of the day...

 The doll she had been waiting for - Kanani!
She even let Evan open up the book that came along with it.
 Bedtime came all too soon for her, as she could have played with her doll until the sun came up, but she had a big day planned the next morning! The tea party!!
 We were going to make big, fancy, tea hats!

 Aren't they darling??

 The rest of the planned games were out the window when Emma decided to judge a fashion show...and her guests were thrilled to participate!
 We also got to watch her own version of "American Idol", in which the contestants sang Happy Birthday to Emma. :)
 Meanwhile, we were setting up for the birthday tea!
Kanani looks so cute in her matching birthday attire :)
 What's a tea party without jewels?!?
The dolls' table was set and ready as well! 

 Time to decorate the cupcakes!!

 Birthday Mouth!!

 Birthday Nose!!

 Fabulous, fabulous girls!
 Crazy, silly girls!
 Sweet, darling girls!
 Now, out, out you go!
I need to clean up this crazy mess of sugar and spice, and CUPCAKE SPRINKLES!!

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.
I hope you had the time of your life.
Cheers to another year of fun, love, and life.
We love you!

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