Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland

School was cancelled today because of the winter storm that came in last night (ice under snow). Emma was uber happy, and so was Evan, because that meant sis was staying home to play!
While he was waiting for Emma to finish making her "fashion portfolio", he was supposed to pick up his CARS toys off the kitchen floor (and, in case you wanted to know, I have a nice bruise on the bottom of my foot in a "Tow Mater" shape...)
Apparently, he was up for a challenge.
He turned Daddy's drumsticks into a giant pair of chopsticks, and went for it!

 One down...

 I guess this case could now be called a "Bento Box"...

 Then it was outside to see the snow!

 I know it's hard to see, but Emma had made a snowfriend...

Lunchtime came quickly, and Harley kept our jackets warm while we ate. :) 
 Nom nom nom
 And then it was back out for some snow fun before naptime!
My little {Snow}Angels

 "See our snowbabies?!?"

 There were other footprints in the snow once the sun came out...

 The hats, scarves, and mittens were hung by the fire to dry...
 ...and the boots were lined up, ready to relax...
...while we all take a long, winter's nap.
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  1. Hi Heidi,
    You are right! Evan made a bento box with toys. He is so cute!!


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