Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suprise Overhaul

I am posting this a few days behind schedule, as not to ruin the suprise. You see, hubby is away on business and he's been there for a week, so I decided to overhaul the kitchen while he was away.
Yeah, I know it was quite an undertaking, but he would never let me do it because of that, and he never had the time to help me.
I've always hated my jungle-of-fruit kitchen, and it was well past time to harvest it all away.
The first layer of wallpaper came off pretty easily with the steam machine and some scoring, but the second layer did not. Plus, it had some weird burlap stuff under it, maybe for texture? I have no idea, but it wasn't budging without taking drywall with it!
I had hoped the wallpaper removal fairies would have removed it all during the night, but it was still there the next morning :(
Ugh. Burlap wallpaper.

My dad came over and helped me get all the nasty burlap picked off the walls, and the next day was buisness time!
(Well, apparently not for ALL of us...)

Business, for me, meant begging my friend's husband to show me how to "mud" the walls...and holes.
Luckily, he's an expert :)

The hideous border above the cabinets was pasted into the "mud" from the last wallpaper install, so it was NOT coming off without a huge fight.
It was time to texture the walls now, without using burtlap, that is.

Next came the paint!

That evening, I used a ($$$) special paint that sticks to any surface, even slick ones, which I needed, because the border of fruit was pretty darn slick, and I was painting over the darn thing instead of fighting with it any more!

After that was textured and painted as well, the kitchen was pretty much complete...for now.

This spring, I'll be painting the cabinets white, and eventually replacing the backsplash and counters, but for now, I'm exhausted, sore, and extremely proud of myself.
Because THAT. was a pain in the @$$.
Welcome home, honey!
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  1. It looks like a brand-new kitchen! Amazing and wonderful! And you learned invaluable skills while doing it too! d(^o^)b

  2. It looks absolutely amazing! I am so proud of you for tackling this job. I can't imagine how difficult it was, not just the kitchen, but being able to do it by yourself with the two little ones running around. You never cease to amaze me. I am so lucky. Thank you for the kitchen, it is beautiful.

  3. That looks great, Heidi! I've tackled wallpaper before so I know exactly what you went thru. I HATE wallpaper! I've got to do my huge bathroom this spring so maybe I'll call you and you can come help me. Now that you're an expert and all. ;)

  4. What a great job. I love the color, it really opens up your kitchen, so cool!!


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