Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday was bitterly cold, and had brought with it, tiny flurries of snow and sleet. It was an early morning for us, as we were off to the airport before the sun was fully awake...and, really, before any of us were fully awake <3
 After the airport, we stopped in Arcadia on the way home. We were racing a winter storm home, but with wiggling and jiggling from the beack seats, I knew we had to stop for a potty break.
We pulled into Pops a few minutes later and rushed inside before the cold wind nipped our noses.
 We all went potty and picked out a unique beverage for the way home. The kids got some fruit drinks in the shapes of animal sippers, and I passed up the "Bug Guts"  and "Cat Piddle" for a bottle of "Blue Mountain Razzberry Soda" (though, they were pretty tempting, ha ha!)
 A little further down the road was the Arcadia Round Barn, a Route 66 Attraction - and can you believe I had never been there?? I know. Sad.
 We walked around the outside of it for awhile, but in the end, we decided to leave and come back another day when we weren't racing a storm home!

 This morning brought us the beauty of what the cold storm had brought us during the night. I light dusting of snow had settled in on the ground and streets and after taking sister to school, Evan & I ventured out to see the wintery gifts from above! 
 Have you ever seen a cuter little tounge, trying so hard to catch snowflakes? It just melts my heart!
 Evan and his buddy Ethan were having so much fun running up and down the street watching their boots make prints in the snow.
 I know they're pink, but apparently that was the only gloves I have right now that fit him! (That were "snow proof, anyway) Ha ha! Thanks, Em!
 I'm not sure where he learned this, but he suddenly plopped down and made a snow angel right there in the street. It was so stinkin' cute, I could hardly stop laughing!

 It was around this time that he discovered that the boot prints were actually following him!
 Yep. No matter how many loops and turns you do, they still follow you!
 Yes, Evan, even walking backwards. ;)

How wonderful that snow has arrived for the first time this year!
So far, we give it two thumbs up!
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  1. OMG it was so cold last week. I couldn't find my son's gloves so I stuck wool socks on his hands.


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