Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are times in the day that the house is quiet.
Well, pretty quiet.
The dryer is still squealing, the dog is snoring, and the dishwasher is humming, but there are no sounds of children's laughter, little running feet among my floors, or Dora the Explorer searching for the Cocoa mountain.
It's quiet.
These moments are the times I can see. I give thanks, remember how blessed I am, and reflect on what I've learned today, yesterday, and what I'll learn tomorrow. It's my time of growth, humbleness, and self-worth.
Today is a special day, and my thoughts are purely on that. The mister has been gone for over a week on business, and we'll be seeing him this evening! It has been a long week, but I handled it pretty darn well, if I do say so myself! Of course, I was a little busier with things, so my quiet moments were spent more on cleaning, planning, and plotting rather than blogging, and I never like announcing that I am alone at home with the kids for days at a time (Hello! Rob and rape victim available for 10 days, please come by anytime!). Okay, so that was a little dramatic, but, really. Were you really that suprised when people's homes were being pillaged and plundered because of all the nitwits posting their GPS positions on Facebook?? It's like a newspaper ad for burglars!
Well, my dryer has stopped it's squealing, which means it is ready for another large meal of reds, or darks. I can't remember.
And I must get all my chores done, so I may play with my best friend once he gets here!
We can't wait to see you, love! Harley and I are warming up the couch for you!
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