Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Spy

If you have kids, grandkids, or know any kids, you've probably been exposed to the "I Spy" books. You have a list of things to find in a mess-of-a-photo on the opposite page.
Well, today, I decided that my purse needed a good cleaning out - after all, I believe that the 50 pound bag just might have something to do with my scoliosis and the fact that one shoulder seems to be inches shorter than the rest...Ha ha!
So here's what has spawned from the very "Mary Poppin"-ish bag o' mine...
You know, it really doesn't look all that bad, when it's all in its neat little pile! But let's play, shall we?
I Spy...
*A "Peace"ful pen - not to be confused with the other 4 pens, 5 pencils (in mechanical and not), 4 crayons (only in 2 colors), and 2 pink highlighters that are also in the mix.
*Reindeer Lip Gloss - Be careful, there are also 2 chapsticks, a lightsaber lip gloss (it lights up!), Burts Bees lip color, shimmery pink someone-besides-mommy-got-into-it-and-got-it-all-over-the-lid lip gloss, and hello kitty sparkly lip shine.
*A Hot Wheels Car - in addition to the wooden train, bouncy ball, and restraunt question card game.
*Red Bag o' Fruit Snacks - There are also 3 blue ones, a cereal bar, and a full size bag of skittles (Taste the rainbow).
*Can you find the SD Memory card? It's a doozie. Not to be confused with the camcorder battery from a camcorder we haven't used since 2003 (I have NO idea) and the camera in my OSU coinpurse.
*There are 3 Hello Kitty items in the photo. Can you find them?
*What about lotion? Contact Lens Solution? Ticket Stubs to Harry Potter 3D as well as Harry Potter 2D? Lysol to-go? A reusable (pink!) shopping bag? A gift bag (with tissue!) and a couple paint samples?

Yes, I think it's about time.
Now, where's that first aid kit... 
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  1. I can't find the 3rd Hello Kitty item!?!

  2. Hmm, yeah, that's a trick question - it's actually underneath the Blue "Stillwater National Bank" zipper pouch! ;)


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