Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday was an "early release day" from school, and Gavin's mom had sent some cool experiments for the kids to do in the afternoon while Evan napped.
Enter: Snow & Quicksand.
 Quicksand was first. Here they are, mixing the sand with the water.

 Dumping it out onto our giant petree dish for observation.
 Is it a solid, or a liquid?? Who knows!!
 Enter: Small quicksand trap.
 When they slammed their animals down quickly, they didn't even make a dent in the quicksand!
BUT, when they just set them down...
 Poor animals. Should have read the warning sign! ;)
Next, we were about to make snow.
And snow always begins with water, right?
 It's a snow-plosion!

 They are so cute, aren't they?
The snow was a big hit. We did it several, several times over again.

  By the end, we had filled two of these bags completely full! 
Thank you for the fun experiments, Anitra!!
We had a blast!
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