Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday, the kids wanted to design and sculpt with PlayDoh, only to find that they (for the most part) were a little too dry and rubbery for molding into the tiny food molds they were using.
So, we decided to whip up a new batch. This was Emma's first time to help out, and, for the most part, did it all on her own :)
We got all the ingredients together
(luckily, we had just enough for one big batch of doh)

 Mixing all the dry ingredients together...
 Add the wet ingredients and stir, stir stir!

 Hmmm...doesn't quite look like doh yet!
 When it was done cooking, we had to knead it out.
 We decided to split it into 8 colors of doh.
 We're ready for color!
(And this made me think that I will totally do this at Evan's next birthday party!)
 Add the drops of color...
 (and, being the princesses we are, we added some glitter...)
And voila!
Eight, squishy, squashy, warm, homemade, playdoh.
Pack it up, and move it on out!
Great job, Em!
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