Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You.

The governor has already declared a state of emergency for this storm that headed our way tonight. They're watching the radar, and have now forecast 12-18 inches of snow to fall tonight into tomorrow morning, with chances of power outages and the such.
Schools have already been declared closed for tomorrow, but hubby must still go in. :(
Still, the hero he is - among hanging the moon for his daughter and son, he also has chopped and split wood all weekend so we would be warm and toasty, should the power go out and we are (luckily) stuck with a glowing, warm fire, puffy blankets, and lots of little toes to snuggle with.
Thank you, hubby dearest. You are indeed my knight in shining armor!
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Wacky warm weather!

Last weekend, we had unusually warm weather - Emma & I were in summer clothes!! 
 Evan and I spent a whole morning at the park!

But then...dun dun duuuunnnnnn...
It got cold.
Really cold.
And on THIS morning, we stayed in.
And Evan volunteered to wipe the table and chairs after breakfast.
(Can you believe it? VOLUNTEERED!) 
 See his little hand around the back of the chair? Awwww...

 "aww done!"
 ...and then we headed off to storytime at the library.
After a few books about Groundhog day (and, omigosh, I had forgotten it was coming up!), we did a groundhog craft.

 Where's Puxatawney Phil?

 I have a hunch that we'll have at least six more weeks of winter...even if he DOESN'T see his shadow!
We bid adieu to the anoles on our way out the door...

...and headed home, to our little groundhog burrow, for warm lunch and snuggles before naptime.
The storm is headed this way tonight, already there are school and business closings. My dad doesn't have work tomorrow, which would be fun if the kids didn't either, but then again...we might all be stuck in our own homes, too far to throw a snowball...
Stay warm, friends!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Adventure

On this brisk, cold morning, we got our pants dirty.
Very dirty.
And our cheeks rosy and red.
It was cold.
But we had fun.
 As far as these cows go, I'm not sure if their herd or mine was the more curious of the two.

 The grass is always greener on Evan's side :)

 In the end, it must have been the cows. We moved on to the swings, and the cows followed, watching.
(and obviously wishing they could hop on and swing away as well!)

 Just as a sidenote, I wanted to make sure you knew that old metal slides are SO fun, but they also can be SO rusty and dirty!
(Thus, the dirty, dirty pants)

 We made our last hurrah on the old merry-go-round and headed home to strip our drawers and have lunch!

I had fun, today.
It's always a joy to be allowed into the club of boys.
Dirt, rust, metal, barbed-wire fences, and cows.
The sweet recipe for little boys' wonder and amazement.
And the perfect morning...
for dirty knees...
and big, rosy-cheeked smiles.
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Evan has a new favorite...have you heard?

Be on the lookout for Mack and Lightning McQueen.
They've been known to run into ankles, over toes, and steal the blankets...
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Yesterday was an "early release day" from school, and Gavin's mom had sent some cool experiments for the kids to do in the afternoon while Evan napped.
Enter: Snow & Quicksand.
 Quicksand was first. Here they are, mixing the sand with the water.

 Dumping it out onto our giant petree dish for observation.
 Is it a solid, or a liquid?? Who knows!!
 Enter: Small quicksand trap.
 When they slammed their animals down quickly, they didn't even make a dent in the quicksand!
BUT, when they just set them down...
 Poor animals. Should have read the warning sign! ;)
Next, we were about to make snow.
And snow always begins with water, right?
 It's a snow-plosion!

 They are so cute, aren't they?
The snow was a big hit. We did it several, several times over again.

  By the end, we had filled two of these bags completely full! 
Thank you for the fun experiments, Anitra!!
We had a blast!
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