Thursday, December 23, 2010

World's Fair

Emma has been researching Japan for a couple of weeks now to get ready for the World's Fair at school.
Each 2nd grader studies a country of their choice and makes a display for the rest of the school to come and see. Emma chose Japan. The students did all their researching and display making at school, without parent or teacher help (wow!)
(which may explain why Emma's display got away with saying it was in North America! Ha ha!)
 On the big day, Emma brought her doll wearing a traditional Yukata, and some borrowed yen from Uncle Kurt, and set up an ADORABLE display on her country of heritage, Japan.
 John & I were beaming with pride :)
 Several other classes and parents came to the World's Fair to learn all about the countries of the world! Gavin's mom was especially excited to see Emma's display!
 And so was her friend, Bailey!
Emma, we are SO proud of all the hard work you did to put this together! You are such a smart, independent little girl!
We love you!!
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