Friday, December 10, 2010

Potty Preferences

Evan has no intent of potty training any time soon. He was into it for a bit, then got bored and decided it was much less work to just go back to taking his business "to go", which is fine. I never push him, and I won't...until maybe when I begin to buy adult diapers ;)
Funny thing is, he knows when he's pooping. I know when he's pooping, we all know when he's pooping. So, today, when he stands next to me, silent and still, I ask him "shall we put that poop in the potty?", and he says...
"Oh! Okay, well when you're done, let me know and we can..."
(whispering now) "Do you need a diaper now?"
Several moments pass by until a little boy with a VERY BIG VOICE rings out...
"Okay Mommy! Diaper!"

I was a little amused at the "moment of silence" we just had, but then I realized that I don't think, since the day I had kids, that I have gotten to go to the bathroom without requests, questions, things being slid under the door, things being slid into the door, crying children outside, crying children inside, husband looking for measuring cups, a dog whining to get in, a cat wanting to sit on my lap, or a phone call. 
I wish I could just "shhhh!" everyone, and let it be.

Do you think it'll work?
Me either, but a mom can dream, right?

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