Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oklahoma Aquarium

Yesterday, Emma's class went on a field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, and we all decided to come along!
We beat the buses there, so we took a group photo at the front of the building (except for John, who was behind the lens!)
 Emma on the crocodile while Gavin tries to swing it around by the tail!
 Go Evan!!
(Who, by the way, still loves Crocodiles...although he wasn't too sure about getting too close to this one's teeth!)
 Emma and her friend Sarah got to touch the starfish in the tide pools. "They were hard and bumpy" was the result.
 Evan gave it a go as well.
 It's not easy to catch a shrimp! No wonder Forrest Gump had such a hard time starting out! ;)
 Have you ever gotten to "pet" a horseshoe crab?
I asked the workers to flip one over for us so we could see the underside of that curios shell, and it was SO funny looking! Like skinny little legs under a huge southern belle dress!
 Evan found a tank just his height!

I've always heard about how big sharks get, but you don't really realize it until you compare this actual sized picture, how big they really are! 
 When this aquarium first opened, we "adopted" a clown fish every year for Emma. This was the clown fish's tank.

 Well, hello, my favorite bullfrog! You've been growing!
 A beaver!
Gosh, aren't they so cute and sweet?
When they're ALIVE, that is...
 The Nemo tank!
Hundreds of Nemos! Well, okay, it may have just looked like hundreds...but...
 Emma wrote down all kinds of facts while we were there.
 This jellyfish was really strange to watch! It was like the ones I had seen in the ocean in Cali. I just never had seen their legs before!
Our little oceanographer...all grown up!
 ...and 2010!

Thank you for letting us all come along on your field trip, Em! We had so much fun!
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