Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Morning in the Park

I had been waiting for this day all week. It was forecasted that today was going to be above 70 degrees, and I was more than hopeful that they were right! But last night as I was leaving a friend's house, it was warmer than when I had arrived there 3 hours prior, and I knew the weather prediction was going to be right!
Hooray! :)
This morning, as soon as I could get food into Evan's belly and clothes onto us all, we loaded up his new bike and took him out to the park to ride.
 This was John's first time to be out with Evan, minus Emma. (who stayed the night at her friend's house). It just melted my heart and soul into one big mess of adoration and love to see them there, asking for and giving help throughout the winding paths.
 Evan did SO well! He absolutely loves this bike.

 He eventually steered us all to the playground for a little play break. I had never seen him more proud than when he shows his daddy all the things he can do and climb.
 It was like a tornado of seasons into one. We had a spring day, in the winter, with fall still prominently laying across the grounds. It was beautiful.
 My sister always liked the phrase that goes something like "Without the bitter, the sweet isn't as sweet". I think days like this are what reminds me how much I miss the fall and spring, when we can be outside, walking, playing, riding, sliding, and just being. And we can stay out for as long as we please, because it's

 By the time we returned home with Emma in tow, the weather outside was warmer than it was inside.
Emma decided that she should wear a dress, because the weather girl told her so :), and I decided that the windows should not be allowed to stop the beauty of God's spleandor that has arrived today, and opened them all!
Thank you for sending us this day, and please send a few of these to the east and west, where people are in dire need of a day such as this, to remind them that rainstorms and blizzards are just bitter so as to sweeten days like these!
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