Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Skating!

Emma & I hadn't been ice skating since we moved back here to Oklahoma, so we were both a bit wobbly when we decided to head up to the rink yesterday!
Emma's friend, Emma L. was there, too!
 Em pretty much was attached to the wall for the first half of the time we were there :)

 During a conga line, she fell and was more mad than hurt, but can you blame her? 
"Mommy! Your big butt fell on my elbow!"
Umm...thanks, dear.
Ha ha!
 Not sure why there was a giant eagle there, but we decided we needed a photo with it...
Emma & her friend, Tanner
 The Emmas

 The ice was pretty wet :(
By the end, she was off and skating all over!

 And just look who dropped by!
 I love you, Emmie!
Let's go again soon, okay?
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  1. How wonderful to have an opportunity to ice skate in Stillwater! Apolo would be proud!


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