Thursday, December 23, 2010

House Elf

Do you have an "elf on the shelf" at your house? I think we're probably the only ones that don't. It's an elf, you put on a shelf (or any other place) to watch your kids and report back to Santa the goings on in your home.
I LOVE the house elves from Harry Potter, I love cute cartoon elves on TV, and I love the idea.
I don't love the creepy little elf on the shelf dolls.
They scare me.
And I love creepy.
But not them.
SO, when Emma wrote to her "elf", she wanted to know his name and if he was watching, like all the other kids homes.

Well, I just told her that sometimes elves move things and place them up high and install a tiny little elf-cam inside to watch all year.
Immediately, she began the search for the elf cam. And found it.
A pink frog that used to sit on the kitchen windowsil had now been placed (for total other reasons, but it works), up high atop the cabinets. The sheer joy of her face when she found it lit up my heart.
She left a card for her elf on the counter, and wandered off to watch the Phinneas & Ferb Christmas special. During that time, I heard a rather loud BANG, and screamed! The kids came running into the kitchen to find the counter covered in a dust of glittery red powder. Where did it come from?
She searched and searched until we noticed a teeny-tiny piece of paper wrapped around a toothpick wedged in next to the frog (elf cam). Hmmm. Now what could it be? 

 It was a teeny tiny, itty bitty, eensie weensie note from her elf!
It read...
 I really can't tell you how extremely excited she was to have gotten that note. But it encompassed squeals so high the dogs were barking all around the neighborhood, and so much jumping, a kangaroo would be dizzy!
When she noticed her card was gone, she decided to leave even more notes for her elf, SpankyWinks.

Now, Emma, you musn't bother the elves too much right now! They have a very busy job to do!
I'm sure he'll stop by to visit the sugar plums dancing in your head tomorrow night!
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  1. What a wonderful and magical happening! I'm glad Spanky Winks has been watching Emma for 8 years so Santa knows what a good girl she has always been.


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