Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Parade!

Last night was the annual Christmas Parade of Lights here in town! It was pretty cold, though usually it's a LOT colder! John was held up at work waiting for the AAA guy to come unlock his car (scoff, scoff), so I loaded up the kids, 4 mugs of hot cocoa, blankets, and a bunch of Christmas cheer into our van and off we went!
Here are the kids, anxious for the parade to start!
 Emma & her friend, Lauren
 Emma & Bayley with the chick-fil-a cow! :)
 The men: Evan, John, & Ross
Look! It's Santa!!
 The big man, himself!!
 Merry Christmas!!
Luckily, Santa looked right at Emma and waved. Last year, he was looking the other direction, and she still remembers it to this day! Poor thing! :(
Happy Holidays!!

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