Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cell Phone Photo Booth!

It's been a week into December, and I've already gotten a lot of pictures on my phone. Having this phone makes it so nice because the photos are really good, and at times, that's all I have with me!
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites...
Evan and his new hat.
(I think he looks a little like my aunt Jeanine in this one)
 A ride with Ernie & Bert at Toys R Us.
 Yummy Jasmine tea at a sushi shop my big brother took us to.
(Thank you again, Kurt! It was yummy!!)
 Just a fraction of the rice that was spilled out on the floor of my van during the transport of Kurt's belongings. :(
Sorry :(
 A super-diva ready for school.
 Since it's that time of year, the winter mobiles are out and about in the island of Sodor! (Thomas the Tank Engine's home)

 More silly swim meet gals :)
This was their relay team.
 Emma on the block, ready for the buzzer.
 Aaaaaaand she's off!
 Emma's Ornament Class last weekend.
 She and Bailey had a great time painting glass ornaments for their trees!
 You can't quite see it in this photo, but in that small spot of sunshine peeking through was a rainbow! Like it was one of those scratching pages that it all black until you scrape some of it off, and underneath is a rainbow of colors!
 Yesterday, the morning was so cold, and we were so anxious to get out, I took Evan to PetCo to see the animals. We were there all morning! It was really nice to go when they first opened and all the animals were getting their habitats cleaned. Evan liked to watch the workers move the ferrets in and out of their cages and sucking the gravel in the tanks.
These little mice were worn out after their stressful cage cleaning! They were SOOOO cute!
Tomorrow Emma has a field trip to the aquarium!
How fun!!
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