Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buzz. Bike.

The weather was not too cold this afternoon, so Evan got to go out and ride his "Buzz. Bike." (as he says)  outside for the first time!
Watching him pedal up and down the street literally filled my eyes with tears. Wasn't he JUST a tiny little being?! He was safe and small, tucked in my warm tummy, listening to my voice and the echoes of soon to be family members. 
 The tiny little legs that wiggled and kicked inside my ever expanding belly were now there in front of me, peddaling down the same street I walked him down his whole life.
 Little tiny squirmy boy, growing up so fast.
 Soon, you'll be riding to school, to friends' houses, to the park.
 But for now,
 pedal as far as you can...
 I'll always be here to pedal back to.
Merry Christmas, little Evan.
Those little legs have come a long way!
We're so proud of you :)
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