Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Advent} Snow!

Well, I guess we know what that big storm brought!
Little Erich has taken the wheels off his skateboard and is using it to slide around in the snow & ice!
 Alex & Riza have started a snowball fight with the light snow that has already fallen! Watch out, Alex!
 It looks like Klauss has a snowball, too! And it looks like he has his eye on a target named Bruce! It looks like they are having such a good time!
 And look at our little Minifig Family! They have scraped up enough snow to build a snowman!! I don't think it has snowed here in Bricktown for several years! What a joyous occasion!
As loud as the little town of Bricktown is right now with laughing and singing, they hear a peculiar sound of tires making their way down the winding road into town. I wonder who it could be? Both cars are here in town already! Perhaps a visitor to see the snow? Maybe a news crew? It didn't sound big enough to be the city bus. The residents of Bricktown are curious, but after Riza gets Alex with a snowball, they continue with their snow play, forgetting for the moment, the arrival of the mysterious guest...

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